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10 Tips for Cleaning Sterling Silver Jewelry


Here are a few simple steps you need to know to ensure that your sterling silver will shine brightly for as long as it is under your ownership. 

  1. Try to keep your sterling silver jewelry pieces enclosed in a cloth and stored in a sealed container. The concept behind this advice is so that your metal will not come in contact with salt and gas that are present in the air as these two can activate the oxidation process. You should also separate it from your other jewelry items as sterling silver jewelry pieces can get scratch easily. 
  2. You should also make it a point to keep your sterling silver jewelry away from bright light or direct sunlight and wood to slow up the oxidation process. 
  3. You also need to avoid wearing your sterling silver jewelry on a daily basis or when you are swimming in the pool and never forget to take it out because chemicals such as ammonia, chlorine and alcohol can cause your jewelry to tarnish quickly. Besides, to avoid any chances of jewelry discoloration, you should not allow your sterling silver jewelry to come in contact with any form of perfume. 
  4. After using your sterling silver jewelry make sure that you clean it with a soft cloth to remove traces of grime and oil that have stuck to your jewelry from the skin it came in contact with. 
  5. You should use silver cloth or cotton for cleaning your sterling silver jewelry. It is also worth mentioning that you should not use the cloth you cleaned your gold to clean your sterling silver because this can have an adverse and untoward effect on your sterling silver. 
  6. For the actual cleaning of sterling silver jewelry, you will need a mild and gentle cleanser that is free of ammonia and chlorine. Don’t forget to dilute your cleaner with water. The best home-based cleaning mediums would have to be a non-abrasive toothpaste and baking soda. You can also use mild phosphate free detergents and commercial silver cleaner, both of which are helpful in keeping your sterling silver fresh. Please bear in mind that you have to choose a non-abrasive type detergent to avoid scratches, and it has to be chemical free. 
  7. It is also crucial that you carefully choose the brush you are going to use when cleaning for your sterling silver jewelry. We recommend you use soft bristled brushes, baby toothbrushes or a sunshine cloth since they won't’ leave any marks or scratches on your jewelry. 
  8. Avoid applying ultrasonic cleaners since these could scratch your precious sterling silver jewelry. 
  9. So let’s say you have already prepared your commercial cleaning solutions, and you are all set to use them. Before you start cleaning, know that you do not immerse your sterling silver jewelry in your cleaning solution. We suggest you just dab your solution with a clean cotton ball or a piece of silver cloth and polish it in repetitive circular motions. Don’t be rough on your jewelry; just do it gently and lightly. 
  10. As soon as your sterling silver jewelry pieces are meticulously cleaned and polished, your next step is to dry it with a soft flannel cloth or unbleached cotton. Also, make sure that you don’t rub on it too hard because you might accidentally scratch your sterling silver jewelry. 

Assuming that the scratches incurred by your sterling silver jewelry have already gone too deep or if the oxidation process took places a long time ago, we suggest that you bring it to a professional jewelry so they can clean and polish it using the right materials. After they’ve professionally cleaned and polished your sterling silver jewelry you can then follow the steps we highlighted above on a regular basis or when necessary.